2007-11-05 17:51:05

by Eric Sandeen

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Subject: ext4 stack usage

Just FYI; there are some fairly large stack users in ext4dev. On my
x86_64 box with gcc 4.1.1, and the git patch series applied:

0x00019ac5 ext4_mb_new_blocks [ext4dev]: 424
0x0001c221 ext4_mb_free_blocks [ext4dev]: 408
0x00011390 ext4_group_add [ext4dev]: 392
0x000050cb ext4_get_blocks_handle [ext4dev]: 328
0x0001853f ext4_mb_discard_preallocations [ext4dev]: 328
0x0000a3a2 ext4_find_entry [ext4dev]: 312
0x0000b4de ext4_get_parent [ext4dev]: 264
0x00013fb3 ext4_ext_get_blocks [ext4dev]: 264
0x00014969 ext4_fallocate [ext4dev]: 264
0x0001b20a ext4_mb_seq_groups_show [ext4dev]: 264
0x00006543 ext4_truncate [ext4dev]: 232
0x00009b3d ext4_add_entry [ext4dev]: 216
0x0000d575 ext4_error [ext4dev]: 216
0x0000e8f5 ext4_fill_super [ext4dev]: 216
0x00017127 ext4_mb_release_inode_pa [ext4dev]: 216
0x000172cb ext4_mb_init_cache [ext4dev]: 216
0x0001dcad ext4_xattr_set_handle [ext4dev]: 216
0x0000d145 ext4_warning [ext4dev]: 208
0x0000d794 ext4_abort [ext4dev]: 208
0x000022f6 ext4_readdir [ext4dev]: 200
0x00003292 ext4_new_inode [ext4dev]: 200
0x0001e601 ext4_expand_extra_isize_ea [ext4dev]: 184
0x0000e07d ext4_quota_on [ext4dev]: 168
0x00014dca ext4_ext_truncate [ext4dev]: 168
0x00018f6f ext4_mb_write_prealloc_table [ext4dev]: 168
0x0001935a ext4_mb_seq_history_show [ext4dev]: 160
0x00005953 ext4_getblk [ext4dev]: 152
0x00009283 do_split [ext4dev]: 152
0x0000bf3b ext4_rename [ext4dev]: 152
0x000132b9 ext4_ext_insert_extent [ext4dev]: 152
0x000011c9 ext4_new_blocks_old [ext4dev]: 136
0x0000831e ext4_ioctl [ext4dev]: 136
0x00010cc9 add_new_gdb [ext4dev]: 136
0x0001b565 ext4_mb_init [ext4dev]: 136
0x0000ad20 ext4_htree_fill_tree [ext4dev]: 120
0x0000e225 ext4_remount [ext4dev]: 120
0x00015c5e ext4_ext_migrate [ext4dev]: 120
0x000008b3 ext4_try_to_allocate_with_rsv [ext4dev]: 104
0x00001e14 ext4_new_blocks [ext4dev]: 104
0x0000b920 ext4_orphan_del [ext4dev]: 104
0x0000c90a parse_options [ext4dev]: 104
0x0001bf3f ext4_mb_discard_inode_preallocations [ext4dev]:104

with the push for 4k stacks, some of these might start to be an issue.

struct ext4_allocation_context might be one big hitter, at 168 bytes
when placed on the stack.

(for comparison, a few of xfs's top stack users are:)

0x0001a1b4 xfs_bmapi [xfs]: 360
0x00045a73 _xfs_trans_commit [xfs]: 312
0x000384d6 xfs_bulkstat [xfs]: 296
0x0004d0b8 xfs_symlink [xfs]: 296
0x0003798f xfs_iomap_write_delay [xfs]: 280
0x00056254 xfs_cleanup_inode [xfs]: 264
<big snip - xfs has many more >100byte functions than ext4>

of course callchain details matter, too, but this is worth keeping an
eye on.