2008-01-22 18:51:34

by Martin Knoblauch

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Subject: Re: regression: 100% io-wait with 2.6.24-rcX

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> From: Alasdair G Kergon <[email protected]>
> To: Martin Knoblauch <[email protected]>
> Cc: Linus Torvalds <[email protected]>; Mel Gorman <[email protected]>; Fengguang Wu <[email protected]>; Mike Snitzer <[email protected]>; Peter Zijlstra <[email protected]>; [email protected]; Ingo Molnar <[email protected]>; [email protected]; "[email protected]" <[email protected]>; [email protected]; Jens Axboe <[email protected]>; Milan Broz <[email protected]>; Neil Brown <[email protected]>
> Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 3:39:33 PM
> Subject: Re: regression: 100% io-wait with 2.6.24-rcX
> See if these patches make any difference:
> dm-md-merge_bvec_fn-with-separate-bdev-and-sector.patch
> dm-introduce-merge_bvec_fn.patch
> dm-linear-add-merge.patch
> dm-table-remove-merge_bvec-sector-restriction.patch

nope. Exactely the same poor results. To rule out LVM/DM I really have to see what happens if I setup a system with filesystems directly on partitions. Might take some time though.