2008-01-28 18:18:52

by Theodore Ts'o

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Subject: Oops, incorrect tag: v1.40.5 in e2fsprogs git repository


I screwed up, and incorrectly tagged v1.40.5 in the e2fsprogs git
repository. I accidentally tagged the "next" branch instead of the
"maint" branch, so the the wrong commit was tagged as v1.40.5. Argh...

This has been fixed on git.kernel.org, but it's still busted on

If you've pulled from the e2fsprogs git repository incorrectly, you'll
need to run the command:

git tag -d v1.40.5

... and then re-pull from the git repository to get the correct tag.

Petr, if you could run the same command on the e2fsprogs repository on
repo.or.cz, it would be much appreciated!!

- Ted