2008-06-05 20:32:08

by Theodore Ts'o

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Subject: To the Gentoo user who recently e-mailed me...

Hi there,

This is a bit embarassing, but due to a mail accident I lost an e-mail
message that was sent by a Gentoo user who was having trouble building
2.6.26-rc4 with a "fairly recent" ext4 patch queue. I read the note on
my Blackberry, and deleted locally there, and then when I went to deal
with it on my PC mailbox, the mail message seems to have disappeared.
So I don't have the e-mail address of the person who sent the note, but
to whoever was having problems, as far as I know it was building on
2.6.26-rc4, and the current most recent version of the patch queue just
built without problems on 2.6.26-rc5.

There was one version that had problems in balloc.c, which is what I
think I remember you were having problems with, but that was rectified
fairly quickly. So please try again.

Also, in the future, please CC the linux-ext4 mailing list. That way
other people can help you out, if I happen to be away from my e-mail for
whatever reason.


- Ted