2008-09-29 13:47:40

by Kalpak Shah

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Subject: [e2fsprogs] Failing extents tests


The extents support in e2fsprogs-1.41.1 doesn't pass a few of the
regression tests that we had created. 4 tests out of 20 are failing, I
have included some details about the failures.

e2fsprogs-tests-f_extents_ee_len.patch: Corrupt ee_len is not detected.
e2fsprogs-tests-f_extents_ei_block.patch: Corrupt ei_block is not
detected. In the Sun extents code, we passed the previous extent to
ext2fs_extent_verify(), so additional sanity checks could be performed.
Here is a snippet of that:

/* Verify that a single extent @ex is valid. If @ex_prev is passed in,
* then this was the previous logical extent in this block and we can
* do additional sanity checking (though in case of error we don't know
* which of the two extents is bad). Similarly, if @ix is passed in
* we can check that this extent is logically part of the index that
* refers to it (though again we can't know which of the two is bad). */
errcode_t ext2fs_extent_verify(ext2_filsys fs, struct ext3_extent *ex,
struct ext3_extent *ex_prev,
struct ext3_extent_idx *ix, int ix_len)

Similarly we also passed previous ext3_extent_idx to

Maybe we can do something similar by adding ex_prev and ix_prev to

e2fsprogs-tests-f_extents_eh_depth.patch: In both these cases, e2fsck
aborts with a "Corrupt extent header on inode %i" error. Instead of
aborting we can clear the extent header and set i_blocks to 0?

I have uploaded these tests at

One problem with these tests is that, the high 16 bits of extent/index
block are set, so these tests cannot be used as-is, but the image should
be helpful to check if the problem is solved or not.