2009-05-14 12:31:27

by Shehjar Tikoo

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Subject: GlusterFS 2.0 Release


GlusterFS is a clustered file system that runs on commodity
off-the-shelf hardware, delivering multiple times the scalability and
performance of conventional storage. The architecture is modular,
stackable and kernel-independent, which makes it easy to customize,
install, manage and support different operating systems. Multiple
storage systems can be clustered together, supporting petabytes of
capacity in a single global namespace. Building a configuration of a
few hundred terabytes can be accomplished in less than thirty minutes.

GlusterFS 2.0 Release:
GlusterFS v2.0 has gone through a major revamp in design and
development since v1.3. Thanks to thousands of initial users who
provided us great feedback and bug reports. There are a number of
production deployments now. GlusterFS uses existing disk file systems
(such as Ext3, XFS, ZFS..) to store your data as regular files and
folders. You can restore the data, even after you uninstall GlusterFS.
So, give it a try and let us know. Please forward this message to
relevant users.

What is in 2.0 release:

Who is using GlusterFS:

License: GNU GPLv3

Download: http://www.gluster.org/download.php

Happy Hacking
GlusterFS Team