2010-02-04 04:16:45

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Subject: [Bug 14830] When other IO is running sync times go to 10 to 20 minutes


--- Comment #17 from Michael Godfrey <[email protected]> 2010-02-04 04:16:40 ---
I have now set deadline for all tests, and I had
a chance to try a system just like the one I have been
using, but with an 8.1T ext4 partition instead of the
11T partition before.

I used the same load: rsync /aaa /bbb, where /aaa was
The behavior was quite similar, but the longest sync
time was about 4 minutes.

This suggests that the size of the filesystem is an
important factor. Increasing the filesystem size by 36%
more than doubled the sync time.

Th size of the database in the 2 systems was somewhat larger
in the 11T system, but part of that was unused in the transfer.


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