2018-06-18 14:27:04

by Laurent Bigonville

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Subject: [refpolicy] sepolgen-ifgen fails with current refpolicy


With the current refpolicy when running sepolgen-ifgen I get the
following (fatal) error:

/usr/share/selinux/refpolicy/include/support/obj_perm_sets.spt: Syntax error on line 157 ` [type=TICK]
error parsing headers
error parsing file /usr/share/selinux/refpolicy/include/support/obj_perm_sets.spt: could not parse text: "/usr/share/selinux/refpolicy/include/support/obj_perm_sets.spt: Syntax error on line 157 ` [type=TICK]"

The line in question in obj_perm_sets.spt is:

define(`mmap_file_perms',`{ getattr open map read execute ioctl } refpolicywarn(`mmap_file_perms is deprecated, please use mmap_exec_file_perms instead')') # deprecated 20171213

sepolgen-ifgen is not happy with the embedded "refpolicywarn" apparently.


Laurent Bigonville