2018-09-29 16:19:12

by Chris PeBenito

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Subject: [refpolicy] ANN: SETools 4.2.0-rc

An SETools 4.2.0 release candidate is now available:


Changes since v4.2.0-beta:

* Fixed performance regressions.

* Made further memory usage improvements.

* Fixed build issues with clean target and runtime_library_dirs.

* Revised package structure to make policyrep a module of the setools

* Symbol names are now available as the name attribute (e.g.
Boolean.name, Type.name, etc.)

* Fixed some apol layouts to increase the size of text fields.

* Move constraint expression to its own class.

* Made Conditional.evaluate() more useful and added BaseTERule.enabled()
method to determine if a rule is enabled.

Changes since v4.1.1:

* Replaced the Python/SWIG/static-linked-libsepol policyrep module with
a Cython implementation. This will have performance and memory-usage
improvements and breaks the static linking to libsepol.

* Significant memory usage reduction in sediff (approximately 60%,
depending on the policies).

* Added support for SCTP portcons

* Updated permission maps

This release of SETools has changed dependencies since 4.1.1. See
README.md for more details.

Chris PeBenito