2013-02-15 02:52:10

by Matteo

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Subject: Protocol Stack TCP read/write Parameters

Hi all,
it is my first time I write here, so sorry if I am asking something well know but I don't know where I can begin.
I tried to find something from google, but now I have a big confusion in my head.

The problem is that I have to read/modify a few parameters from the TCP/IP protocol stack and more precisely into the Link layer.

The parameters are like the following:

-the total number of original MAC packets transmitted in the sampling interval
-the value of the 802.11 contention window at time k, i.e., the maximum number of slots the node will wait before transmitting a packet at the MAC level
-the total number of MAC retransmissions in the sampling interval

I have to know if it is possible and any guideline so I can start.

Thanks a lot