2013-04-16 19:55:46

by Cedric VONCKEN

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Subject: ath9k null ppointer

I tried to use a mesh network with security (meshd/authsae).
I am using :
- openwrt with the latest mac80211 package from openwrt
- the Thomas Pedersen patch to add the authsae package in my
openwrt source tree
(Use the latest version, because I sent a patch in meshd this morning,
without it the HT mode should not correctly enable)
- AR9xx wirless card
- Kernel 3.3.8 on power PC (mpc 8314)

When I configure the meshd daemon to use the HT mode, I have a null
pointer in ath9k (That work correctly without HT mode).

In the file, drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k in the function
ath_tx_aggr_wakeup the ac pointer is null.

Do you know why this pointer can be null?

Cedric Voncken