2013-05-15 17:22:17

by Randy Li

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Subject: AR6003 SDIO can't received data if you didn't send any date for a while

I use this WNIC in a s3c6410 devboard called OK6410 made by

The kernel is 3.0.1, the driver in the kernel source can't work. So I
tried compat-wireless-3.3-2-n and
compat-wireless-3.5.4-1. 3.3-2 is eaier to get -101 error when I load
the modules, in this time I have to replug WNIC card.

When networking is connected, I can't ping ar6003 in the other place,
if ar6003 didn't send any data
recently.Once ar6003 stoped sending, I can't send to ar6003 after a
very little while.

But if I send large data like video both of them still stop working
after a while, 3.3-2(about 5 minutes) seems to work more longer than
3.5.4-1(about 1 mintue). But both ip link and iw wlan0 link show my
link is up. I have to ifdown and ifup to use wireless again.

kvalo said it cause by irq problem.But when I compiled compat-wireless
with debug, I only have files in /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/
phy0/ , but there is ath6kl directory there. I have enabled all
debug_mask, but I don't get any irq infomation frome dmesg.

Could you tell me the correct way enable debug in compiling and load module?
P.S how to install compat-wireless? I can't use INSTALL_MOD_PATH, I
have to copy these directory and use find tool to remove .c .h .o

Here is output of /proc/interrupts in ok6410

16: 3 s3c-uart s3c6400-uart
18: 240 s3c-uart s3c6400-uart
20: 2 s3c-uart
22: 48 s3c-uart
35: 0 VIC s3c-fimc0
36: 0 VIC s3c-fimc1
40: 0 VIC s3c-g3d
41: 0 VIC s3c-pp
42: 0 VIC s3c-rotator
43: 0 VIC s3c-g2d
47: 0 VIC s3c-jpeg
48: 4735 VIC s3c-mfc
54: 0 VIC s3c-keypad
58: 0 VIC s3c2410-wdt
62: 460074 VIC s3c-lcd
68: 26 VIC AC97
73: 0 VIC DMA
74: 0 VIC DMA
79: 177847 VIC ohci_hcd:usb1
82: 123 VIC s3c2440-i2c.0
88: 46540 VIC mmc0
94: 0 VIC s3c_updown
95: 0 VIC adc, s3c_action
100: 727214 s3c-timer S3C2410 Timer Tick
101: 0 s3c-eint BUTTON1
102: 0 s3c-eint BUTTON2
103: 0 s3c-eint BUTTON3
104: 0 s3c-eint BUTTON4
105: 0 s3c-eint BUTTON5
106: 0 s3c-eint BUTTON6
108: 59168 s3c-eint eth0
Err: 0