2021-03-18 17:45:08

by James Prestwood

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Subject: PSK/1x offload documentation ambiguity


I see the API documentation for PSK/1x offload is somewhat ambiguous
with respect to if the hardware actually supports user space 4-way
handshakes. Both extended features say this regarding doing the 4-way
in the host:

"..., doing it in the host might not be supported"

So far the hardware I have used does support user space 4-way
handshakes so I have not yet bothered with offload. But this comment is
concerning if a user comes along with hardware that *does not* support
the 4-way in userspace. It would be nice to know if this comment is
complete bogus, or if there is actual hardware which does not support
user space 4-way handshakes. And if there is such hardware, how can
userspace know the difference.

I've CC'ed Eliad who is the author to 91b5ab6289 which added this