2021-04-22 00:33:26

by Seth Forshee

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Subject: [ANN] wireless-regdb: master-2021-04-21

A new release of wireless-regdb (master-2021-04-21) is available at:


The short log of changes since the master-2020-11-20 release is below.



Illia Volochii (1):
wireless-regdb: Update regulatory rules for Ukraine (UA)

Jose Daniel Rodriguez (1):
wireless-regdb: Update regulatory rules for Cuba (CU) on 5GHz

Nicolas Cavallari (1):
wireless-regdb: Do not hardcode 'sforshee' in the certificate commonName

Seth Forshee (1):
wireless-regdb: update regulatory database based on preceding changes

Xose Vazquez Perez (2):
wireless-regdb: update CNAF regulation url for ES
wireless-regdb: re-add source url and info for CU