2021-06-11 06:51:54

by Sven Eckelmann

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Subject: Re: MediaTek MT7612u and IBSS mode

On Friday, 11 June 2021 03:55:29 CEST Maurice Smulders wrote:
> Platform: Raspberry Pi 4B / CM4 with CentOS 8 stream 64 bit - 5.10.42 kernel
> Trying to use this Mediatek USB device and I notice a - quite nasty - problem using IBSS mode. On startup of the IBSS network, there is a chance the Pi goes into a tizzy https://github.com/openwrt/mt76/issues/543 - when it's the first (and only) node.
> I was able to dupe it consistently in my home - fairly static network - but not anymore in a lab environment. I cannot easily go back home - it's ~3000km from where I am at temporarily.
> Does anyone have experience with these MediaTek devices and B.A.T.M.A.N. on lower performance nodes like a Raspberry Pi...

It doesn't seem to me like this is batman-adv or batmand related. So I would
most likely better to ask on [email protected] too

And is IBSS mode really required or would meshpoint with mesh_fwding set 0
also work?

iw phy0 interface add mesh0 type mp
ip link set up dev mesh0
iw dev mesh0 mesh join 11s-bat freq 2412 HT20 mcast-rate 18 beacon-interval 1000

iw dev mesh0 set mesh_param mesh_fwding 0
# please make sure that it is actually 0 with: iw dev mesh0 get mesh_param mesh_fwding

ip link set master bat0 dev mesh0

> I have ascertained that NONE of the USB Realtek dongles work, as the kernel driver is missing IBSS support at this time...
> I'm against an urgent deadline, and trying to understand what I can do to make this work

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