2021-06-11 12:52:12

by Laaf

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Subject: IBSS performance issues on CentOS 5.10

Platform: Raspberry Pi 4B / CM4 with CentOS 8 stream 64 bit - 5.10.42 kernel

Trying to use this Mediatek USB device and I notice a - quite nasty - problem using IBSS mode. On startup of the IBSS network, there is a chance the Pi goes into a tizzy https://github.com/openwrt/mt76/issues/543- when it's the first (and only) node.
I was able to dupe it consistently in my home - fairly static network - but not anymore in a lab environment. I cannot easily go back home - it's ~3000km from where I am at temporarily.

Does anyone have experience with these MediaTek devices and B.A.T.M.A.N. on lower performance nodes like a Raspberry Pi...

I have ascertained that NONE of the USB Realtek dongles work, as the kernel driver is missing IBSS support at this time...

I'm against an urgent deadline, and trying to understand what I can do to make this work

- Maurice