2021-07-07 11:24:15

by Jamal Hadi Salim

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Subject: Netdevconf 0x15 update

Reminder that the virtual conference starts today with a keynote
at 3PM UTC.

A lot of great content, see:
Registration is reel cheep at USD $50 (50% for students).

The conference will be spread over the next 2+ weeks
(Upto and including July 23). See schedule (and registration)
We never close registration - and this time to
accommodate for the different timezones we are going
to keep all the session recordings on site. So if you
missed a session because of a conflict or because it was
running when it is late in your location, as long as you
are registered, you can login and replay the session.
As usual we will make all session videos, slides and papers
public after the conference.