2021-08-10 15:24:28

by Mauricio de Oliveira

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Subject: Getting channel stats in multiple drivers


I wonder what if there is a way to get channel stats from AP
interfaces like the ones
defined in survey_info struct from include/net/cfg80211.h that are
further queried by
utils like iw, in the case of driver implementations that don't fill
those counters
(channel_time_busy, channel_time_rx, channel_time_tx, etc).

I'd like to be able to tell, for instance, how busy the channel is and
how much time the AP
interface spent transmitting in the last second and so on. To the best
of knowledge, the
"survey dump" call in iw is the best way to derive this information,
but for most drivers that
option isn't possible.

So I want to know if there is another way to obtain similar
information (channel occupancy,
interface usage in terms of tx, rx, etc) that is generally more
supported or are the survey_info
fields basically the only option?

Thanks a lot,