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2023-05-09 01:24:39 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 6c81ba: monitor/att: Attempt to insert discovered attributes
2023-05-05 19:14:15 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 4e549c: lib/uuid: Add BASS UUIDs
2023-05-02 16:54:08 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] f9376b: client/player: Add support for Metadata in BAP Pro...
2023-04-28 22:39:40 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] a600c9: media: Fix not storing Preferred Delay properly
2023-04-25 21:22:25 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 5910b7: shared/bap: add function to get location from PAC
2023-04-21 21:26:37 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 9a0acc: obexd: agent: Use if-elseif instead of multi-if to...
2023-04-20 23:24:35 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] d36160: obexd: AuthorizePush: Support to return folder nam...
2023-04-19 21:18:25 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 180d1c: monitor/packet: Fix BIG encryption decoding
2023-04-14 23:28:00 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 57b679: btdev: Fix not setting CIS parameters properly
2023-04-07 19:49:55 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] e122a0: mgmt-tester: Fix Get/Set PHY tests
2023-04-06 21:15:25 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] a1b93d: main.conf: Fix parsing of CSIS group
2023-04-05 20:28:27 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 7aee0b: set: Fix not attempt to connect devices with RSI
2023-04-03 20:43:04 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] cffd58: mesh: Tighten IO and fix out-of-bounds array access
2023-03-31 22:16:58 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] f54299: avrcp: Fix crash while handling unsupported events
2023-03-30 18:20:03 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] ca07d1: bap: Mark devices to auto-connect
2023-03-28 21:31:40 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] cedace: l2test: Enable hex input for PSM
2023-03-27 21:41:39 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 7610b9: shared/gatt-db: Make gatt_db_attribute_get_value p...
2023-03-25 01:19:37 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 1ee1fc: bap: Fix not continue selecting if endpoint respon...
2023-03-23 21:29:29 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 446e13: monitor: Fix crash when there is no write handler
2023-03-21 16:28:11 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 1de417: audio/transport: Propagate errors from avrcp_set_v...
2023-03-20 19:42:55 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 4a3f46: mesh: On exit free timer for filtering duplicates
2023-03-17 20:38:02 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] bc9619: tools/mesh-cfgclient: Prevent storing duplicate mo...
2023-03-17 16:46:05 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 306a80: shared/gatt-client: Fix not creating a request for...
2023-03-16 05:37:35 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] a5998b: mesh: Filter originated Provisioning Data packets
2023-03-14 21:38:01 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 5934f1: mesh: Fix uninitialized memory usage
2023-03-14 21:15:55 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 857d9b: shared/gatt-client: Fix crash on bt_gatt_client_id...
2023-03-14 20:24:20 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 932b90: shared/bap: Fix not unregistering idle callback on...
2023-03-13 04:42:42 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] d15997: shared/bap: Fix not detaching streams when PAC is ...
2023-01-14 00:35:11 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] a1736d: shared/bap: Fixing Company ID and Vendor ID endianess
2023-01-13 23:17:03 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 6f8b35: shared/bap: Fix scan-build warning
2023-01-06 20:08:18 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 6e3059: shared/gatt-client: Use parent debug_callback if n...
2023-01-04 00:30:48 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 441eeb: shared/bap: Fix handling for Company ID and Vendor...
2023-01-03 22:51:45 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 5abd99: shared/crypto: Adds bt_crypto_sih
2022-12-21 00:36:39 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 9a6b0e: shared/util: Update UUID database for Csip services
2022-12-19 21:08:51 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] b91d92: shared/gatt-db: Add gatt_db_attribute_get_service
2022-12-16 00:36:44 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 89b207: client/player: Make transport.send non-blocking
2022-12-09 21:48:00 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] f8670f: shared/att: Fix not requeueing in the same channel
2022-12-08 00:34:11 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 9a550d: client: Allow to work with l...
2022-12-03 00:31:16 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 35947e: monitor/att: Fix crash when accessing packet_conn
2022-12-02 19:42:50 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 25d6c9: monitor: Decode vendor codecs of BT_HCI_CMD_READ_L...
2022-11-22 03:09:13 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 5a872a: client/player: Fix scan-build warning
2022-11-18 00:45:13 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 818adf: tools: Use portable 64 bit data formats
2022-11-17 22:42:36 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] b3f76b: tools/test-runner: Remove bluetooth.enable_ecred
2022-11-17 22:42:23 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez]
2022-10-26 00:12:59 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] f65b4d: doc/ci.config: Add configuration for CI test
2022-10-25 00:50:57 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 689932: monitor: Ellisys: Add iso packet support
2022-10-21 20:28:14 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] c88367: client: Fix command
2022-10-19 22:53:15 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 3153b0: shared/util: Increase debug trace buffer size
2022-10-19 20:57:18 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 9c739b: settings: Fix scan-build warning
2022-10-18 21:01:11 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] d3a204: lib/uuid: Add GMCS UUIDs
2022-10-14 21:06:33 linux-bluetooth [bluez/bluez] 1096a9: monitor: Fix incorrect vendor name for vendor cmd ...