2002-09-24 05:17:59

by Frank v Waveren

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Subject: isofs forcing cruft on volset# > 1

Currently the isofs driver forces the 'cruft' option (which does some
nasty stuff like setting maximum filesize to 16mb to salvage malformed
filesystems) on filesystems that have a volume set sequence number
which is not 0 or 1. (linux/fs/isofs/inode.c:1273)

This has been brought up twice here, and gotten no replies. Could
someone please give a reason why we can't accept volume set sequence
numbers, even if we're not exporting them to userspace in any way?

If no-one has a any reasons why not I'll ask hpa to remove the check
or as Stanislav Brabec ([email protected]) suggested replace it by
testing if the highest byte of the sequence number is set, if this
helps detect some broken images (though I am hesitant to mark any
valid filesystem as cruft just on some heuristic that may be wrong,
even though having more than 16777215 CD's in a set does seem unlikely).

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