2000-11-13 16:35:11

by Bruce Guenter

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Subject: Re: [OT] Wild thangs, was: sendmail fails to deliver mail with attachments in /var/spool/mqueue

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 04:28:11PM -0800, David Ford wrote:
> Some wild blatherings about sendmail...

Warning: the following will likely be seen by some as flamebait. I've
long ago divorced myself from sendmail to save my own sanity.

> - Uses lots of memory to send a big file.
> Incorrect. I just verified it with a 10 meg file which became a 14 meg attachment.
> Sendmail consumed an additional 5 megs combined while handling the input and output v.s.
> an idle daemon. Idle is 1.8M, recv was 4.0M, send was 2.3M, no measure on the remote
> side. I sent it via pine to a remote address.

As opposed to modern mail servers which can send messages of any size
using constant sized small (well under 1M) processes.

> - Requires high load average allowance
> Incorrect. Same machine barely spiked a tenth of a point for this load and dropped
> back to .05.

You saw load while sending a single file? Modern mail servers can send
without generating significant load (unless your server was a 386).
I've used older Pentium boxes that could send 60 messages at a time
without hitting .1 load.

Anyways, this is rather off topic for linux-kernel.
Bruce Guenter <[email protected]> http://em.ca/~bruceg/

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