2000-11-18 21:24:34

by Pete Toscano

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Subject: 2.2.18pre21 and ipv6 problems/questions


i'm trying to set up an ipv6 machine. i got a setup script from
freenet6 complete with an ipv6 address and the ipv6 and ipv4 addresses
of my tunnel endpoint. i'm seeing some strange behavior, so i have a
few questions. most of these are probably ubd (user brain damage), but
i'd like to have these verified if possibe =).

0. basically, how complete/correct is the ipv6 implementation on
2.2.18pre21? should i even bother or is it fairly stable and correct?

1. how come i can ping6 ::1 just fine as long as the sit0 device is
down, but as soon as it comes up, i can't?

2. i understand that the sit devices are pseudo devices on top of (well,
in my case) eth0. afaict, sit0 represents my side of an ipv6-in-ipv4
tunnel and sit1 is the other side of it. ipv6 packets destined for
removte ipv6 networks should be routed to the like-scoped ipv6 address
of the sit1 device, right?

3. aliased interfaces are in ipv4-only construct right? i shouldn't be
able to create an alias interface with only an ipv6 address, da?

4. should i be able to delete an address i add to an interface? when i
"ifconfig add" an ipv6 address to an interface and then try to "ifconfig
del" it, i get "SIOCDIFADDR: Invalid argument". i've tried to del with
and without the /prefixlen and neither has worked.


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