2008-03-19 23:12:45

by Bruce Fields

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Subject: linux-2.6.25-rc6-CITI_NFS4_ALL-1

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2008-03-20 14:33:21

by Le Rouzic

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Subject: Re: linux-2.6.25-rc6-CITI_NFS4_ALL-1

J. Bruce Fields a =E9crit :

>A new version of the CITI_NFS4_ALL patch is available here:
>Apologies for neglecting it so long. I'm sort of unsure what people
>want from this patch series (if they do want it at all). Speak up if
>you depend on it for anything.
> =20
Thanks for delivering it. It is good to have it because it is a=20
reference of the all tested and valid NFSV4
patches gathered in one delivery we can base on and which is accessible=
easily at only one place:your CITI page.

We know what it is in and where there is an issue we know the level of=20
patches level we are talking about.
It gives the NFSV4 patchs context to reproduce an anomaly to allow=20
people to talk about the same level of NFSV4.
It allows also to make a status of its quality to facilitate a migrati=

Best Regards

>It's basically just a merge between my latest stuff and Trond's latest
>stuff, so should represent roughly the latest not-in-mainline-yet NFS
>Trond often rebases to non-tagged kernels, and I'm too lazy to backpor=
>his changes to the latest released kernel; so while this patch is
>against 2.6.25-rc6, it also includes some upstream stuff that's happen=
>since -rc6 (and that has nothing to do with nfs).
>(The changelog below, though, should only include the nfs-related
>Adrian Bunk (1):
> make nfsd_create_setattr() static
>Andrew Morton (1):
> net/sunrpc/svc.c: suppress unintialized var warning
>Aur=C3=A9lien Charbon (1):
> IPv6 support for NFS server export caches
>Chuck Lever (22):
> NFS: numeric mount parameters are unsigned
> NFS: Fix up data types of fields in nfs_parsed_mount_options
> NFS: Save the value of the "port=3D" mount option
> NFS: Save the values of the "mount*=3D" mount options
> NFS: Show most mount options via nfs_show_options()
> NFS: Always enable NFS direct I/O
> SUNRPC: Update help Kconfig text
> SUNRPC: Add a default setting for CONFIG_SUNRPC_BIND34
> NLM: LOCKD fails to load if CONFIG_SYSCTL is not set
> NLM: NLM protocol version numbers are u32
> lockd: bring a few function declarations up to date
> lockd: Ensure NSM strings aren't longer than protocol allows
> lockd: refactor SM_MON mon_name argument encoder
> lockd: refactor SM_MON my_id argument encoder
> lockd: document use of mon_id argument in SM_MON requests
> lockd: Fix up incorrect RPC buffer size calculations.
> lockd: introduce new function to encode private argument in SM_M=
ON requests
> NFSD: Remove NFSD_TCP kernel build option
> NFSD: Update help text for CONFIG_NFSD
> NFSD: Move "select FS_POSIX_ACL if NFSD_V4"
> NFSD: Move "select NFSD_V2_ACL if NFSD_V3_ACL"
> NFSD: Remove redundant "select" clauses in fs/Kconfig
>Felix Blyakher (1):
> nfsd: initialize lease type in nfs4_open_delegation()
>Fred (1):
> nfs: nfs_redirty_request
>Fred Isaman (3):
> NFS: fix encode_fsinfo_maxsz
> nfs: don't ignore return value from nfs_pageio_add_request
> nfs: remove duplicate initializations of nfs_read_data field
>Harshula (1):
> sunrpc: GSS integrity and decryption failures should return GARB=
>Harvey Harrison (3):
> Subject: lockd: fix sparse warning in svcshare.c
> nfsd: fix sparse warnings
> nfsd: fix sparse warning in vfs.c
>J. Bruce Fields (12):
> nfs: remove unnecessary NFS_NEED_* defines
> nfsd4: remove unnecessary CHECK_FH check in preprocess_seqid_op
> nfsd4: simplify stateid sequencing checks
> nfsd4: kill unnecessary check in preprocess_stateid_op
> svcrpc: move unused field from cache_deferred_req
> nfsd: clarify readdir/mountpoint-crossing code
> lockd: fix race in nlm_release()
> lockd: clean up __nsm_find()
> lockd: convert nsm_mutex to a spinlock
> nfsd: move most of fh_verify to separate function
> Merge commit 'nfs-server-stable^'
> Add CITI_NFS4_ALL version to kernel version number
>James Lentini (1):
> Documentation: NFS/RDMA instructions for 2.6.25-rc1
>Jeff Layton (8):
> NFS: clean up short packet handling for NFSv2 readdir
> NFS: clean up short packet handling for NFSv3 readdir
> NFS: clean up short packet handling for NFSv4 readdir
> SUNRPC: export svc_sock_update_bufs
> SUNRPC: have svc_recv() check kthread_should_stop()
> NLM: Convert lockd to use kthreads
> SUNRPC: allow svc_recv to break out of 500ms sleep when alloc_pa=
ge fails
> NFS: convert nfs4 callback thread to kthread API
>Kevin Coffman (2):
> Correct grammer/typos in dprintks
> Remove define for KRB5_CKSUM_LENGTH, which will become enctype-d=
>NeilBrown (1):
> knfsd: Remove NLM_HOST_MAX and associated logic.
>Nick Piggin (1):
> nfs: use GFP_NOFS preloads for radix-tree insertion
>Tom Tucker (1):
> SVCRDMA: Add check for XPT_CLOSE in svc_rdma_send
>Trond Myklebust (25):
> SUNRPC: Declare as const the rpc_message arguments to rpc_call_s=
> NFS: Fix an f_mode/f_flags confusion in fs/nfs/write.c
> NFS: Fix a deadlock with lazy umount
> SUNRPC: Allow the rpc_release() callback to be run on another wo=
> NFS: Add an nfsiod workqueue
> NFS: Ensure that the asynchronous RPC calls complete on nfsiod.
> SUNRPC: Clean up rpc_run_timer()
> SUNRPC: Add a new helper rpc_wake_up_queued_task()
> SUNRPC: Convert users of rpc_wake_up_task to use rpc_wake_up_que=
> SUNRPC: Run rpc timeout functions as callbacks instead of in sof=
> SUNRPC: Add a (empty for the moment) destructor for rpc_wait_que=
> SUNRPC: Add a timer function to wait queues.
> SUNRPC: Switch tasks to using the rpc_waitqueue's timer function
> SUNRPC: Eliminate the now-redundant rpc_start_wakeup()
> SUNRPC: Ensure that we read all available tcp data
> SUNRPC: Remove now-redundant RCU-safe rpc_task free path
> Merge branch 'cleanups' into next
> Merge commit 'origin' into devel
> SUNRPC: Fix a bug in rpcauth_lookup_credcache()
> SUNRPC: Clean up rpcauth_bindcred()
> SUNRPC: Add a generic RPC credential
> SUNRPC: Add an rpc_credop callback for binding a credential to a=
n rpc_task
> SUNRPC: Add a helper rpcauth_lookup_generic_cred()
> Merge branch 'hotfixes' into devel
> =20
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