2007-08-03 22:56:02

by Avantika Mathur

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Subject: Ext4 devel interlock meeting minutes (July 30, 2007)

Ext4 Developer Interlock Call: July 30, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Minutes can be accessed at:

Attendees: Mingming Cao, Andreas Dilger, Jean-Pierre Dion, Jean-Noel
Cordenner, Val?rie Clement, Aneesh Veetil, Dave Kleikamp, Jose Santos,
Ted T'so, Avantika Mathur


- Alex posted his vfs delayed allocation patches.
- Comments are that there is not sufficient generic support for XFS.
The code that Christoph Hellwig had posted which does support XFS is
very complex.
- Christoph would be ok to take most of Alex's patch as an ext4 patch.
In the short term we can put the delalloc support in ext4 and then later
work on generic vfs support.
- Mingming will respond to the thread asking what Andrew Morton's
preference is.

Multiple Block Allocation:
- Aneesh has been hitting a bug when creating a filesystem with
different number of blocks/block group then default. the problem
occurred during online migration with mballoc enabled.
- A possible temporary solution to this problem is to disable mballoc if
the filesystem created with not the default blocks/block group ratio.
- Aneesh will write-up the problem he is seeing and send an e-mail to Alex.
- Aneesh will split mballoc into more patches, to be added to the
ext4-patch-queue. This will make it easier to review.

Inode Version:
- Jean-Noel sent the mount option patch to linux-ext4. We had discussed
adding a flag to the superblock indicating that i_version is enabled,
but there are no bits available in f_flags.
- Mingming will reply to the post saying the overwrite case needs to be
addressed first

Uninitialized Block Groups:
- Avantika will look into why the checksum is not consistent - and why
the check fails even when the feature is not enabled.

Flexible Block Groups:
- Jose is trying to see why fsck is not working. once this is resolved,
the feature will be complete.
- He has seen a problem with fsck when meta_bg feature is enabled.
Andreas saw a similar problem, and the uninitialized block groups patch
fixes the issue. Jose will look back at the fix which is in the series
of e2fsprogs patches sent by Girish last week.

- Mingming asked about exporting JBD stat info to debugfs; as well as
procfs. The consensus had been to just export to procfs as not everyone
uses debugfs.

2007-08-04 02:44:51

by Jose R. Santos

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Subject: Re: Ext4 devel interlock meeting minutes (July 30, 2007)

On Fri, 03 Aug 2007 15:56:37 -0700
Avantika Mathur <[email protected]> wrote:
> Flexible Block Groups:
> - Jose is trying to see why fsck is not working. once this is resolved,
> the feature will be complete.

Not quite true. Solving the fsck issue means that we can do more
thorough testing of the performance impacts of packaging meta-data
closer together. The patches do not currently remove the 512TB limit
imposed by the number of block groups, which is something that I also
plan to address on this feature.