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2021-02-24 09:47:07 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] drm/amd/display: Fix unused variable warning
2021-02-24 01:34:21 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] sound: n64: Fix return value check in n64audio_probe()
2021-02-23 19:56:33 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] nvmem: Fix return value check in rmem_read()
2021-02-23 14:36:37 linux-wireless [PATCH] iwlwifi: mvm: add terminate entry for dmi_system_id tables
2021-02-10 08:45:54 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] mfd: arizona: Make some symbols static
2021-02-10 08:45:53 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: Mark cdn_dp_resume as __maybe_unused
2021-02-10 08:45:46 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] soc: ti: knav_qmss_queue: Make symbol 'knav_acc_firmwares' static
2021-02-10 08:45:41 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] soc: mediatek: Make symbol 'mtk_mutex_driver' static
2021-02-10 08:42:22 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] NTB: Drop kfree for memory allocated with devm_kzalloc
2021-02-10 08:40:43 linux-crypto [PATCH -next] crypto: keembay-ocs-hcu - Fix error return code in kmb_ocs_hcu_probe()
2021-02-10 08:40:40 linux-crypto [PATCH -next] crypto: keembay-ocs-aes - Fix error return code in kmb_ocs_aes_probe()
2021-01-05 03:30:31 linux-kernel Re: [PATCH] net: qrtr: fix null-ptr-deref in qrtr_ns_remove
2020-11-16 13:20:36 linux-bluetooth [PATCH] Bluetooth: sco: Fix crash when using BT_SNDMTU/BT_RCVMTU option
2020-09-15 08:04:53 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] soc: ti: pruss: Fix return value check
2020-09-09 16:23:40 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] mfd: ene-kb3930: Make symbol 'kb3930_power_off' static
2020-09-09 11:45:38 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] riscv/mm/fault: fix old-style-declaration warning
2020-08-18 11:14:48 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] binderfs: make symbol 'binderfs_fs_parameters' static
2020-08-17 12:30:03 linux-kernel [PATCH] kernel/relay.c: fix memleak on destroy relay channel
2020-08-04 08:21:47 linux-kernel [PATCH] memory: jz4780-nemc: Fix return value check in jz4780_nemc_probe()
2020-08-04 08:10:12 linux-crypto [PATCH] crypto: ingenic - Drop kfree for memory allocated with devm_kzalloc
2020-07-29 15:52:59 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] habanalabs: make some functions static
2020-07-29 15:50:15 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] irqchip/imx-intmux: Fix irqdata regs save in imx_intmux_runtime_suspend()
2020-07-27 18:55:45 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] powerpc/powernv/sriov: Remove unused but set variable 'phb'
2020-07-25 06:35:01 linux-crypto [PATCH -next] crypto: sa2ul - fix wrong pointer passed to PTR_ERR()
2020-07-25 06:34:07 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] drm: xlnx: Fix typo in parameter description
2020-07-25 06:31:34 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] mtd: fix missing unlock on error in mtdchar_compat_ioctl()
2020-07-21 15:16:20 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] drm/nouveau/kms/nvd9-: Fix file release memory leak
2020-07-21 15:08:30 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] soc: TI knav_qmss: make symbol 'knav_acc_range_ops' static
2020-07-21 15:08:08 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] mtd: rawnand: pasemi: Make pasemi_device_ready() static
2020-07-21 13:43:17 linux-wireless [PATCH -next] rtw88: 8821c: make symbol 'rtw8821c_rtw_pwr_track_tbl' static
2020-07-14 14:15:53 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] bootconfig: Make symbol 'xbc_namebuf' static
2020-07-14 14:14:35 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] libnvdimm/security: Make __nvdimm_security_overwrite_query() static
2020-07-14 14:14:04 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] irqchip: mips-gic: Make some symbols static
2020-07-14 06:53:34 linux-kernel Re: [PATCH v2 net] rtnetlink: Fix memory(net_device) leak when ->newlink fails
2020-07-13 14:18:45 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] iommu: Make some functions static
2020-07-13 14:17:03 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] ftrace: Make ftrace_profile_pages_init() static
2020-07-07 11:14:46 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] device-dax: make dev_dax_kmem_probe() static
2020-07-07 11:14:38 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] lib/test_lockup.c: make symbol 'test_works' static
2020-07-06 13:41:45 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] smp: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning
2020-07-06 13:40:26 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] smp: Make symbol 'csd_bug_count' static
2020-07-03 04:58:11 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] locktorture: make function torture_percpu_rwsem_init() static
2020-07-03 03:07:35 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] ASoC: ti: j721e-evm: Fix missing unlock on error in j721e_audio_hw_params()
2020-07-02 15:02:15 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] dm zoned: fix unused but set variable warnings
2020-07-02 14:56:12 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] lib/test_bits: make some functions static
2020-07-02 14:39:47 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] scftorture: Make symbol 'scf_torture_rand' static
2020-07-02 11:46:45 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] kcov: make some symbols static
2020-07-02 10:32:19 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] dm: remove unused variable 'md'
2020-07-01 15:19:59 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] f2fs: make __allocate_new_segment() static
2020-06-22 11:19:26 linux-crypto [PATCH] KEYS: asymmetric: fix error return code in software_key_query()
2020-06-18 21:18:58 linux-kernel [PATCH] drm/panel: otm8009a: Drop unnessary backlight_device_unregister()
2020-05-27 05:10:49 linux-kernel [PATCH -next] ASoC: mmp-sspa: Fix return value check in asoc_mmp_sspa_probe()